Monday, March 01, 2010

Seriously, Son; Where Did Your Mother Hide the Little Debbie’s?

I am still rocking the Lenten sacrifices. I’ve had not an ounce of chocolate since January; having decided to kick that habit prior to the start of Lent. In addition, no pink frosted donuts, fluffy sugar cookies or delicious Little Debbie Swiss cakes have passed these lips since before Ash Wednesday. I haven’t even been tempted, I swear.

On the other hand, Hugh has been fruitlessly searching the kitchen pantry for any sign of forbidden confections since, oh, the day after Ash Wednesday. I could save him the trouble, I suppose. I could lie and say that I haven't been buying easter candy and storing it fora saliva-soaked candyfest at precisely 12:01 on April 4th but; what fun would there be in that? It's more fun to watch him search.

A welcome side effect of the lack of sugar in my diet has been an increase in my energy levels and, despite a chest cold from Hell; I have been quite energetic lately. I even managed to continue running on the treadmill despite the fact that I am literally choking on the lining of my lungs, burning with fever and, spouting copious amounts of snot from my cherry-red nose (you are so very welcome for the visual. What can I say; I’m a giver).

I also had enough energy to make it through the man-Cub’s wrestling tournament on Saturday which is impressive if for nothing save the fact that we had 25 wrestlers competing and I managed to cheer for all of them.

I cheered the loudest for the Cub, of course and, he did not disappoint, taking first place in his weight bracket.

Hugh was pretty proud of him too but; I think he would be even more proud of him if he would just give up the location of my hidden stash of Cadbury eggs, already.

Ha! Like I would tell the Cub where I hid them, what does he take me for, an amateur?

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  1. I have got to cut out the sugar. I feel like I'm living on it lately.