Thursday, April 08, 2010

Never Say Never

Following an exhaustive conference with Drs. Google and Bing, the pain I have been experiencing in my hip finally has a tentative diagnosis; Itiotibial Band Syndrome. The condition is typical in runners whose feet tend to overpronate and is especially common in those who, against the advice of their podiatrist, ditch their prescribed orthotics in favor of regular running shoes.

Happily, the remedy for ITBS is a combination of rest, ibuprofen, deep tissue massage and, either a change in shoes or, a return to the orthotics.

Since we all know how I feel about my Tools of Satan orthotics, I think we can agree that resting, popping a pill on occasion and surrendering myself to the capable hands of my massage therapist on a regular basis will be my prescribed therapy of choice.

That, and a shopping expedition for a more supportive pair of running shoes is probably in order; I’m considering a pair of Nike’s that will accommodate a sensor chip that will track my stats and report them back to me via my iPod because I am just that serious about the running.

On a related note, pigs now fly. You heard it here, first.

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