Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Cable Company Went Bankrupt

And, they didn’t even have the decency to let their customers know. Instead, as channels started randomly disappearing from their televisions; people began making frantic calls to the company only to be met with silence. Wails of “I need my Bravo!” and “Donna? Where the fuck is my ESPN? NASCAR is coming on!” could be heard for miles.

When we lost two of the major network stations, it became clear that the end was nigh and Hugh, being the anal retentive control freak master researcher that he is, went into detective mode.

After hours of comparison shopping, including knocking on the doors of homes that subscribed to the Dish Network and Direct TV; he settled on Dish Network. Then, he began the long and arduous process of ferretting out the very best deal that they could offer to him, I think it had something to do with the sales rep's first-born child or something like that.

Anyway, The Dish Guy was supposed to install our system yesterday between twelve and five which, in my humble opinion, made him sound exactly as reliable as the Cable Guy despite Hugh’s insistence to the contrary. Until he failed to show up, that is.


So, after much wailing into the ear of the poor receptionist at the Dish Network, we were rescheduled for installation tomorrow (also between noon and five although, with a guarantee that the guy will show up, woopie!). Also, we have a $30 credit on our account before we even have service.

If more companies employed people like my husband, they would never go bankrupt.

Conversely, our cable company most likely shit the bed thanks to customers just like my husband.

Either way, I’m getting 280 channels, including FX which means that I can finally watch my fantasy boyfriend, Timothy Olyphant, on Justified and; my father can no longer complain about my sucky-ass cable when he visits my home.

Win and win.

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