Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes You’ve Got to Stop and Smell the Roses. Unfortunately, These are Apple Blossoms

I’m having a rather vexing sort of day; things that can go wrong are going wrong and, things that should be going right, well, apparently they missed the memo. It’s all good, though, the day is almost over and, really, if the fact that my son can’t be responsible enough to bring home paperwork from his Scout leader-paperwork that includes all the information vital to this weekend’s camping trip-is the worst thing to befall me today then I’m actually doing pretty damn good.

Likewise, I suppose I should be unbothered by the fact that the coach of our baseball team just gave us our game schedule and, lo and behold, we have a game Friday night-the same Friday night that the Cub and Hugh are supposed to leave on above-mentioned camping trip-a little gem of information that might have come in useful when we initially agreed to let the Cub go on said trip and yet; I am.

Bothered, in case I lost you somewhere along the line in that run-on sentence up there.


I picked a really bad week to give up bingeing on leftover Easter candy.

Wait, the Easter candy is all gone, anyway? Why, god?! Whyyyyy!!!!

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