Monday, April 05, 2010

We Interrupt This Chocolate Coma to Bring You the Following Special Report

As evidenced by the above title; much chocolate was consumed this weekend. In fact, the second my religious responsibility was concluded, I dove into a vat of melted chocolate, fully clothed, swam my way to the surface and proceeded to swallow the entire contents on said vat, making certain to lick the sides on my way out.

Ok, Not quite but; I did dip Peeps in chocolate, as well as an entire package of cinnamon bears which I proceeded to consume before the chocolate coating even had time to fully set up.

Then, I got a headache to beat all headaches.

I am, currently, back on the chocolate wagon.

In addition to the chocolate, I consumed three rather large glasses of very good Shiraz which,  may or may not have had something to do with the headache but, I refuse to get on that wagon, too.

In other weekend news, the Man-Cub wrestled in his last regular-season tournament on Saturday and, he finally managed to beat his arch nemesis, a kid who I will call Jamal. For that is his name.

The Cub was, understandably, quite proud of this accomplishment and, I am not too proud to admit that I now owe him $50, having made an agreement with him early in the season that I would pay up if he won.

And, lest you think I am one of THOSE parents who wants their kid to win at all costs and who is willing to bribe them to do so….ok, this time I was. But! In my defense, the kid’s mom hits on Hugh at every tournament and I’m not even kidding. Also, she makes Jamal cut weight in order to keep him in the same bracket as the Cub and, the kid is at least five inches taller than the Cub and should not, for his own health, weigh 65 pounds; honestly, he looks like a Holocaust survivor.

Speaking of Jews (Jesus was a Jew. Happy Easter!), on Sunday, I made a fabulous Easter dinner for my family, including my parents who journeyed over the mountains to celebrate with us. I glazed a ham, baked a dish of sinful potatoes, tossed a mean Waldorf salad and still had ample room for all the chocolate goodies delivered unto us by the bunny. After dinner, we watched Where the Wild Things Are which is about the time that I slipped into the chocolate coma from which I am just now recovering.

Then, happily, Jana and Company made it back from Texas just in time to participate in our flashlight egg hunt in the front yard. Currently, we are still missing two glow-in-the-dark eggs. I predict that the lawn mower will find them right around May 1st.

If the chocolate survives in them that long, I may or may not eat it. You know, depending on whether or not I have fallen off the wagon.

Odds are ten to one in favor of that happening, in case you are the betting type.


  1. Chocolate and Shiraz...sounds like a spectacular Easter!! XOXO

  2. I totally wanna come party Easter with you next year. Not kidding, you rocked the day. ; )