Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random things That Are Making Me Ridiculously Happy

-My tulips.

-Cleaning my front porch, rearranging the wicker furniture and happily planning this season’s inaugural Porch Night.

-The fact that I have my vegetable garden started a full month and a half earlier than usual, especially since that means that, this year, I might actually manage to grow peas.

-My new barrel composter. I have never composted before and I am totally geeking out on how good I am going to be at it and how good it will be for my garden.

-That is finally stocking the reusable grocery bags that I bought back in 2007; the six I have are starting to show some wear and I’ve wanted to supplement them with new bags for quite some time. Plus, I always get compliments on the bags when I shop. Who doesn’t love a compliment?

-Justified on FX. Timothy Olyphant, mrrrowwwrrr.

-The first rain showers of spring, they are watering my garden and; the fact that I am stoked to have a fabulous garden does not negate the fact that I am lazy.


-This Dish TV business is the bomb; I don’t have to catch up on episodes of my favorite shows online if I miss them; the Dish records them. I feel so like, techno-savvy all of a sudden. Also, how did I survive the Dark Ages of cable? Seriously.

-The fact that it does not take a lot to make me happy as evidenced by this list.

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