Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Flashback: First Kisses

The other night, while watching the Man-Cub play in his first baseball game of the season (we lost), The Teenager and I were chatting about school and track and her braces. The topic of her braces caused me to remind her; again, that kissing while wearing them will inevitably lead to getting stuck to her boyfriend’s face. She laughed and told me I was wrong because her boyfriend doesn’t wear braces to which I replied “Ha! So you do kiss! Ja’cuse!” which caused her to blush fifteen shades of crimson while adamantly insisting that they so do not.

The blushing is a dead give-away, however and; it’s probably time for Hugh to pick out a nice place to dig a teenager-sized hole. Just in case.

Our conversation reminded me of my first kiss, I was The Teenager’s age, pretty much exactly and, the initiator of that kiss was my first boyfriend, Doug.

On the fateful evening of that first kiss, Doug had asked me to the movies; The Muppet Movie, to be exact. My parents were cool with it, provided my younger sister accompanied us. Doug was cool with that because, well, he was Doug; the most laid-back guy you could ever hope to meet.

So, off to the movie we went. There was hand-holding for the first half of the movie and then, in the blink of an eye, Doug leaned over and planted one on me.

It was a good thing the theater was pretty dark because I suspect that I blushed fifteen shades of crimson, myself.

Doug and I would kiss many, many more times between eighth grade and my Sophomore year of High School before realizing that, rather than being destined to be one another's twu wuv, we were better off being friends. To this day, however, I think of Doug and that first kiss whenever I see the Muppets.

Or, you know, someone who resembles one.


  1. OMG! Never noticed that about Tori Spelling, but you nailed it. LOL!

  2. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I am really laughing because I was browing through the blogspot and saw my husbands name. You comment on aomeone elses blog about your first Valentine! Darren is my husband now!! Very funny and such a small world!!! We live in Johnstown, CO and have three kids!!

  3. LB, are you shittin' me?

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I am serious! Darren Koretko from Estes Park Co is my husband! That is soo crazy that I read that this morning!

  5. Did he always live in Estes Park?

  6. Anonymous9:08 AM

    He lived in Monte Vista until he was in the third grade then he moved. Is it the same one? I can't imagine the name being common!

  7. OMG, he IS the same one and, you're right, the name is too unique to be duplicated :)

    Wow. What a small world. I will have to email you to see if he remembers any of our old classmates. Too funny!