Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flashback: Graduation

We are headed to Mayberry today to watch my nephew graduate from high school. It’s hard to believe he is already old enough to finish school but, there it is.

I hope he has a great day and that the after-parties are as much fun as the party that my parents threw for my graduating class, because, while the details of my actual graduation ceremony are a dim memory for me (there was a balloon drop at the very end, I do remember that much), the memory of that party is still rather vivid.

Most likely because my mom’s purse was stolen by a guy that I had briefly dated when I was a sophomore, a guy who wasn’t even invited to the party but managed to sneak in, anyway. Jerk.

Anywaaay…the party was a blast. Back then, eighteen year-olds were allowed to drink alcohol, the policemen in our small town were encouraged to turn a blind eye to teenaged antics (several officers joined the party once they got off duty), my parents were adamant about taking keys away from kids whom they believed were “overly indulgent” (which led to a mass of bodies scattered across every conceivable surface of the house the following morning), the parents of my classmates were invited to attend and, in some cases, were actually more intoxicated than their offspring, I had the privilege of watching it all from the comfort of my own home and; my mother didn’t kill me for unintentionally allowing her purse to be stolen by a punk.

My parents were (and still are) pretty goddamn cool.

Aren’t you just the teeniest bit jealous?

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