Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Day In

Summer break officially started yesterday, with both kids home. Unofficially, it began on Friday, when the Man-Cub was off and The Teenager was in school for half the day, "in school" meaning; attending an end-of-year pep assembly, obtaining her school yearbook and crying with her friends over the agonizing fact that they would never see each other again. Oh! Except for later that evening when they were all getting together at the Rec. Center for a friend’s birthday. And, oh, yeah, when they would all be rooming together at volleyball camp at the local college. And, of course, when they would see each other at one of the million and ten sleep-overs planned for the summer but, other than that? Yeah, totally never seeing each other again. Tears!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, despite a plethora of video games, a fully stocked craft closet, 200+ channels on the television and a not-inconsequential list of Honey-Do’s from his mother; the Man-Cub managed to find himself bored by ten a.m. Being resourceful, he called his grandfather and requested a lunch date and a job, both of which were supplied, super-quick. So, the Cub spent the better part of his first day of summer vacation hanging out with his grandpa, pulling weeds and eating hamburgers.

Yesterday, he and his sister entertained themselves by jumping on the new trampoline, watching back-to-back episodes of One Tree Hill and thoroughly trashing the house. Luckily for all of us, Hugh and I had tickets to a fundraising dinner for the local FFA, giving the children plenty of time to clean up after themselves before I was forced to turn harpy, because; death threats on the first official day of summer vacation would not bode well for a fun and relaxing summer.

This morning, I found the Man-Cub asleep on the couch in the playroom, one arm thrown jauntily over his head; the other crammed in his pants, Al Bundy-style.

The Teenager actually got up early and is making plans to ride four-wheelers with Kaz.

Like I said, it's official: Summer break; on like Donkey Kong.

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