Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Today’s Edition of Life’s Great Mysteries: Why Is There Always One Dumbfuck in the School Drop-off Lane?

Dear Dumbfuck,
The drop-off lane is for dropping your student off at school, not for parking in. If you are ever confused about this again, please refer to the large sign boasting a capital P with a slash through it; this is the universal sign for NO FUCKING PARKING IN THE DROP-OFF LANE.

In case you were confused.

Speaking of the confused, last night I attended an organizational meeting for The Teenager’s upcoming Eighth Grade Continuation ceremony/dance and, I am using the term organizational quite loosely. Indeed, there was less organizing and more parents sitting across from each other in the classic Deer in Headlights pose. I’m still not certain what refreshment I am responsible for contributing to the party nor exactly what will be expected of me when I show up to decorate the school cafeteria for the dance on Friday but, I am going to assume that the woman who is “in charge”, again, a term I use loosely, will have it all under control.

And, yes, I mean this Friday as in three days away because, one of Life’s other Great Mysteries is why no one in our little town can pull their shit together until the last possible minute when planning an event of any kind.

Not that I’m necessarily any better, I’m just saying.

Although, I am better at the whole not parking in the school drop off lane thing because that is just common sense. I mean, really.

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  1. What I don't get either is why they have to sit there and watch their little darlings walk all the way to the line. The kid's not going anywhere. I'd understand some if it was the beginning of the year, but everyone should know where to go by now.