Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remember the Day I Took the Man-Cub to His Kindergarten Classroom For the First Time?

Today was just like that only different. Back then, I was reluctant to let go of his tiny little hand, to let another woman take responsibility for the large majority of his waking day. He was less reluctant to see me go; as I recall, he ran to an activity table and waved me away dismissively while exploring the new crayons at his disposal. My feelings weren’t hurt that day; I was proud that he was so brave, so capable of functioning without my constant presence at his side.

Today, I dropped the Man-Cub off at that same elementary school for the very last time and, while I have had my ups and downs with the drop-off lane, I was sad to leave it behind.

Next year, my baby enters Middle School while his sister joins the ranks of the High School crowd.

I’m proud of both of them, excited about the people they are becoming and filled with anticipation for the future ahead of each of them but, truth be told; I wouldn’t trade the memories of their early school years for all the new crayons in the world.

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