Monday, May 03, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

All the stressing I did last week over how to get the Man-Cub from his Friday night baseball game to the Spring Thaw campout while managing to keep my Friday evening facial appointment with the lovely Serena was for naught-both the baseball game and the campout were cancelled on account of the stellar weather we have been having.

The weather then calmed down long enough to allow The Teenager’s track meet to take place as scheduled on Saturday and, with the campout cancelled, Hugh was actually able to attend the meet; a fact The Teenager might have appreciated a tad bit more had he not jumped up and down in the bleachers yelling “Holy, cow! She can run! Look at that stride! Where did that come from?! Ho-lee cow! That’s my daughter!” every time she took to the track.

In his defense, ho-lee cow, yes; she can run also, I might have to forgive Mother Nature for the crappy weather simply for allowing me the opportunity to see him so beside himself with pride. Also, because his presence at the track meet created an opportunity for The Teenager’s boyfriend to introduce himself and there is nothing more entertaining than watching a grown man attempt to intimidate an adolescent boy who may-or may not be-kissing his only daughter

Hugh: Shoot, I forgot my handcuffs.

The Teenager: Oh, my gawwwwd!

Chelle: He’s kidding. Really, he is.

For the record, the boyfriend did fine and, according to The Teenager, now feels comfortable enough to officially request Hugh’s permission to escort The Teenager to the upcoming 8th Grade Continuation ceremony and dance.

To that end, on Sunday, The Teenager and I spent some time shopping for heels to go with her new dress. We found a pair she likes as well as a sweater shrug to wear over her dress in the likely event that it gets chilly because, despite my grudging appreciation for some of Mother Nature’s stunts, I wouldn’t put it past her to try to ruin the fun with a blizzard. Or, a monsoon, Bitch is fickle, as we all know.

On the other hand, she totally saved my ass from sleeping in a tent so, yeah. Way to go, Mother Nature!

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