Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If Moms Bragging About Their Kids Makes You want To Vomit, You Might Want to Turn Away. Or, Grab a Bucket, Dealer’s Choice

I attended the end-of-year awards assembly at the Man-Cub’s school today and was thrilled to see the Cub awarded for perfect attendance, for the fifth year in a row. Five years without a sick day is a pretty stellar accomplishment, I don’t care how old your autoimmune system is. That said, the Cub caught a cold this week and he coughed and sneezed his way through the entire awards ceremony; people probably think I am a terrible parent who sends her kid to school even when he is sick.

And they would be right.

Anyway, the Cub also received the Distance Award for last week’s annual Walk-a-Thon; he walked 13.6 miles which was farther than anyone else in his classroom! Then, he got the award for raising the most money for the event which, one could argue, was the equivalent of his father and I buying the award for him but, you know, still proud.


Then, because he was on a roll, he also received an Outstanding Artist Award and, at the School Talent Show later in the day, garnered the most audience applause for his pantomime skit with his partner, Emilio.


Feel free to grab that bucket now.

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