Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Game Called on Account of Static Electricity

Because, when lightning strikes the field close enough to make your eleven-year olds’ hair stand on end, it’s probably best to get the hell off the pitcher’s mound.

It’s all good, we weren’t exactly winning the game, anyway and, by finishing an hour early, we were home in plenty of time to catch the latest episode of Lost which is what I am watching in between writing this thing and painting my toenails; I’m a multi-tasker that way and, since I’m watching the show, I might as well summarize my reactions to it so, here goes. Warning: Spoilers abound!

Jack, mysteriously bleeding. Hmmmm…

Sawyer, so sad. Sooo pretty but soooo sad.

Miles brings the snark; “I lived there thirty years before you. Of course, that was last week”.

Desmond, man on a mission…to beat up Ben. I say go for it, bud.

Sawyer in cop mode, sooo hot. That is all.

Hurley sees dead people.

Miles, still with the snark; “If you need us, we’ll be running through the jungle”.

Richard. That’s not eyeliner? Like, seriously? Aaannd, he’s toast. Or, smoke. Whichever.

Rousseau! Hai! It’s so nice to see you, you know, alive and, um, sane!

Not-Locke and Widmore, the showdown! Not- Locke threatens to kill Penny, bastard! Ben kills Widmore! Ben is eeevil, again. Still?

OMF! Everyone sees dead people!

Finally! Jacob is going to answer all our questions! Hey, I have one; why is there always one dumbfuck in the school drop-off lane? And, I digress…(but, I’d really like to know, k? Thnx! Bye!)

Locke is starting to get it.

Jacob; “I made a mistake and now everyone you love is going to die.” Well, that’s a downer. “I chose you because you are flawed.” Yeah, that’s not much better. “One of you has to protect the light, blah, blah blah…choose.”

Jack; “I’ll do it.” Of course he will.

That’s it? Seriously? Dude, I still have questions, not including why there is always one dumbf…well, you know.


ANA LUCIA!!! OMF!! I KNEW she would be a dirty cop!

I want Desmond as my personal shopper, jealous!

Not-Locke and Ben, they are the Island’s Lone Ranger and Tonto only eeeeevil.

Wow. I can’t wait until Sunday.

Tonight’s episode was awesome and, obviously far more entertaining than watching my son get zapped into a four foot shish-kabob on the pitcher’s mound.

And not just because Sawyer is hawt, although....yeah.

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