Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Thus Begins the Monsoon Season

A storm rolled into town last night; an electrical storm complete with a fantastic lightning show, ominous rolls of thunder and a drenching rain that the neighborhood children, and my own children, found too entertaining to resist.

The Man-Cub, The Teenager and Kaz, who was spending the night with us; danced in the rain on the driveway, further drenched one another in a water-balloon fight and engaged in a Silly String fight for good measure, all the while the sky overhead boomed with thunder and lit up like the Fourth of July.

I watched their antics from the comfort of the porch where I was able to stay quite dry with the exception of an occasional light misting from the rain, which rode in on the breeze when caught at just the right angle. The mist served to keep me cool and, along with the light spray; the breeze carried the smell of the rain, the scent of newly cut grass and the spicy aroma of the oriental daylilies that I recently planted in the flowerbeds. It was a lovely evening.

Today is also quite overcast, the clouds heavy with the promise of more rain. My garden will appreciate the moisture and I have no doubt that the children will utilize the storm to its' utmost advantage again today. It is, is short, one of my favorite times of the year.

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