Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Evil Lurks Beneath

The Man-Cub’s cast came off today and, to say that the stench that rolled out from under it was putrid would be a vast understatement. Putrid to the nth degree might come close to describing the smell. Putrid infinity pretty much nails it.

Once the doctor and I got past the smell, the doctor commented on the skin on the Cub’s arm, specifically; he declared it to be not nearly as funky as he had expected and, yes, in this case, funky is a medical term.

He was right, of course, the skin was a shade paler than the opposite arm but not nearly as chalky-white as one might expect nor did it have any nasty peeling or scaling so; good for the Cub, I guess.

With the cast off, the doctor was able to take x-rays and was pleased to note that the fracture had healed quite well. There is a bony protrusion on the Cub’s arm that will be visible until his arm grows and the new bone structure has a chance to stretch out. Prior to today, I didn’t give much thought to how bones grow nor to the possibility of them stretching but, there ya go.

The x-ray (I totally just spelled that ex-ray which is really a very different thing, what, I have no idea, but; definitely different) also showed what the doctor termed a dinner fork deformity which was totally expected and has to do with the way that the body of a child produces bone on top of a fracture; it will eventually straighten up as the arm grows and the bone stretches and it's nothing at all to worry about. In the meantime, the Cub can use his crooked arm as his claim to fame or, as The Teenager said, he can use it as a great opening line when chatting up the "ladies".

So, the Cub is officially cast-free and has the doctor’s seal of approval to return to acting like a boy. Not that he ever stopped acting like a boy but, you get the point.

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