Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Last night Jana and I took the girls out for dinner and the early showing of Eclipse. As expected, the theater was filled to bursting with teenage girls, desperate cougars and gay men plus one or two token straight boys who were trying valiantly to impress their girlfriends.

The movie itself followed the book pretty closely and was entertaining- not award-winning cinema by any means but-entertaining.

Of course the inevitable question arose; were we Team Edward or Team Jacob? And, while Kaley and The Teenager both proudly declared themselves Team Jacob; Jana and I were torn between Team Bella Needs Some Self-Esteem, Team Edward Needs a Suntan and Team Jacob is a Psycho Stalker. For the record, I’m leaning toward Team Jacob is a Psycho Stalker simply because his insistence on pursuing Bella gives me the creeps like, really.

While we were under the thrall of the vampires, Hugh, Chris and the boys were at the neighboring theater watching The Karate Kid who, Hugh assured me, was no Ralph Macchio. This leads me to the conclusion that remakes of lame 80’s movies can only end in even lamer versions of themselves.

This goes double for movies based on lame 80’s television shows (Smurfs? I’m looking at you).

And you know; I've changed my mind, I’m now firmly on Team Movie Studios Need to Buy a Clue.

And, I bet I’m not alone.

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