Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I Discovered at the Policeman’s Ball

Hooker heels worn without stockings will eventually rub blisters on your ankles and heels but; they will look fabulous while doing it.

Porch Night has become legendary, several people I had never met before had heard about it and thought that it sounded lovely; they were likewise lovely people and, now that we have met, they are all invited to the next Porch Night.

My husband loves the thrill of a live auction; he bid on a few different items but fought hard to win a guided wine tour for twenty. That’s right, twenty. As in twenty people who will all board a bus to tour four local wineries while eating cheese and chocolates and, obviously, drinking wine. He won it as a gift for me and I’m so grateful. Now, I just have to make nineteen friends with whom to share my bounty.

People who I used to work with in my capacity of Executive Director of our local tourism organization still miss me and wish that I hadn’t left the position. On the other hand, they are really pleased to see me happy and doing so well. I miss a lot of those people and it was nice to see them.

Our community supports its policeman, their families and the police department; that is a rare and wonderful thing to see.

Also, the people in our community clean up really well and, despite having to go dress shopping; so do Hugh and I.

In short, the ball was lovely, the money it raised was for an extremely good cause and, I really hope they hold it again next year because we had a wonderful time and, you know, I now have a dress. And, hooker heels.

In other weekend news, I cleaned house. All weekend long. Today, I am so stiff and sore, one would think that I had run a marathon but, no; I just de-filthified my home. It’s a sad, sad day when one has to admit that the two are even in the same category of exertion.

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