Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If it’s Possible to Have a Love Affair with a Vacuum Cleaner, Then I am Having One

Wait, that’s not right; having an actual affair with a vacuum cleaner would be too twisted for color TV. Although, if you are having an affair with your vacuum cleaner that’s just lovely; I won’t judge you coughfreakcough.

So, while I have not had sexual relations with that vacuum cleaner (Shout out, former President Clinton!), I may be having an emotional affair, yes, that sounds so much better.

And, who wouldn’t have fallen in love with a piece of electronic gadgetry that actually managed to suck up the million and ten furball dustbunnies that were, up until this weekend, residing in every nook and cranny of my home? I mean, come on, my floors are the cleanest I’ve ever seen them and, judging by the copious amount of crap that collected in the canister (I’m bagless, baby!) while I was vacuuming the couches, alone; my new vacuum came along not a moment too soon.

And, ohmygawd, I just realized that I have now written an entire entry about how much I love a piece of equipment designed to clean my home.

People, I have completely lost my edge. I mean, what’s next? Photo essays about how much I love my cats?

Well, if you insist.

Ha! Just kidding. While I do have a healthy affection for my cats, this old gal ain’t dead yet and, who knows; next week I could purchase an entirely new electronic gadget about which to wax poetic.

Or, I could, you know, get a life.


  1. The kitten is soo cute! Love the M on the forehead!

    Vaccuums do rock!

  2. this inquiring mind wants to know - what brand do you have?

    Love the kitty pics - thanks

  3. Carey, it's a Bissell Clearview Helix and I lurve it :)