Thursday, August 26, 2010

Irony, It’s What’s For Dinner

Since we returned from Disney World, I have made a concerted effort to really watch what I am eating. This includes adding more lean proteins, fruits and vegetables to my diet. Unfortunately, while we were away, my garden decided that life was simply not worth living and I am thus suffering from a lack of home-grown veggies.

While I am relatively confident that the Sevin dust, judiciously applied to the squash bugs before our departure, is not to blame for the massive die-off, I’m stymied by what is responsible for the large swathes of dead and dying vegetation, Plague, perhaps. Who knows?

On the bright side, I am seeing some improvement thanks to a little natural fertilizer, near constant watering, and hours spent talking to the plants in a tone that will encourage growth and prosperity and, by that, I mean; expletives tossed in their general direction whilst I pull weeds which, despite the condition of the vegetable plants, have managed to thrive quite nicely, thankyouverymuch.

While on the bright side, I should also mention that my compost is doing ridiculously well. So, I may not be able to grow living things with the greatest of ease but I am super-good at making things rot and, everyone needs a talent.

Speaking of talent (or, at least of coordination), along with my determination to eat better, I have once again taken up with Exercise; we are currently in the Honeymoon Phase of our relationship.

I give it a week before we seek intervention by a licenced therapist and six weeks before the divorce, the odds in these kinds of relationships being not so great and all.

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