Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insecurity, it’s Not just For Teenagers

This evening The Teenager and I attended the first organizational meeting of a junior service club that my woman’s club is starting at the high school.

The club will allow the students in our small town the opportunity to complete the community service hours that they need in order to graduate as well as providing them glowing accolades for college and scholarship applications. It will also be a lot of fun and, I say that because I am the poor schmuck who got roped into acting as their sponsor and; I’m not doing something that isn’t fun.

You know what isn’t fun, though? Meeting a certain mother of a prospective new club member and walking away from the encounter with the distinct impression that she doesn’t like you. And, by you, I of course mean me.

I don’t know what to think, I mean; while I’m not vain enough to assume that every person I meet will instantaneously fall into deep like with my super-fantastic personality (See? Not vain at all), I never expected to feel such immediate and complete…disdain…from a new acquaintance. Truth be told, it sort of rocked my tidy little world.

For a second.

 I mean, I'm totally over it now, in fact; I think it’s her problem. If she doesn’t want to get to know me, that’s her loss. Really, I’m not going to try to win her over or anything. I’m not going to lie awake at night devising ways to draw her out, I’m not.

I’m not going to stalk her down, kill her with kindness, make her like me, I’m just not.

But, seriously? Why doesn’t she like meeee?


  1. I'll tell you what any good mother would say to their beloved daughter, "She's probably just jealous of you." ;) And it's probably pretty close to the truth! However, if I had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would totally like you, no doubt!!

  2. I bet you guys will end up being the best of friends and then you will look back on this blog post and laugh. (Wow, it's really hard to write something that doesn't sound like it's coming from your mother!) And obviously, I would like you too!