Friday, August 27, 2010

We’re in the Big Leagues Now

Last night Hugh and I attended Back to School Night at both the Middle and High schools. Having prior experience with the ins and outs of Middle School, we were done in record time. Touring the High School took a bit longer but mainly because Hugh stopped to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry that we passed; ironically, one of whom is actually named Tom.

After touring the school and meeting most of The Teenager’s teachers, we attended the mandatory Athletics Meeting, held by the Athletics Director for the school. There we were encouraged to join the Boosters. Rather than doing that, we purchased numerous t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and scarves bearing the school mascot because, boosting the Boosters with cash is just as important as slaving for them. Right?


So, we do realize that one of us will have to join since that is the right thing to do, we simply weren’t ready to sign on the dotted line at that moment which, is nice-speak for, we still have to engage in a couple of rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which of us will be responsible for the Booster duties for our household (and, since we all know that I am terrible at Rock, Paper, Scissors, I am putting off the challenge for as long as possible).

During the meeting, we learned a number of important things, such as; alcohol, tobacco and drug use by athletes is strictly prohibited which, I knew but; after watching four seasons of Friday Night Lights, had totally forgotten, thank you Tim Riggins and your twelve-pack a day habit and thank you Dillon High School for placing a greater emphasis on sports than on prohibiting underage drinking. And, ohmygawd, I just prattled on for an entire papragraph about a television show. I need a new hobby.

Anyhoo, we got the schedule for The Teenager’s volleyball games, dropped another small fortune on team shoes, booster pins and pictures and headed for home.

I’m really proud of The Teenager and I will do my level best to be a supportive sports mom. I will bake volleyball-shaped cookies for the bake sales, I will carpool with other parents to away games, I will stay up late to wash The Teenager’s uniform on Friday night so that she can wear it again first thing Saturday morning and I will cheer from the stands like nobody’s business…shit.

Apparently I just found my new hobby.

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