Monday, August 30, 2010

Wait, That Was the Whole Weekend? I Demand a Do-Over

I realize that the weekend only felt shorter because I spent a full day of it working at the store, which, really, didn’t make it feel shorter, come to think of it; it actually made it shorter. For me, anyway, not necessarily for the rest of the populace but, yes; relatively speaking, my weekend was abbreviated.

Where is my coffee mug from MENSA?

Ahem. So, yes, one day removed from the weekend makes it one day shorter, add to that the fact that the weather was kind of crummy on Sunday when we attempted to go boating and it’s no wonder that I feel kind of  ripped off.

Fortunately, we had Friday night, when we hosted the largest Porch Night, ever; twenty people, five bottles of wine, and so much good food that a homemade peach cobbler went virtually untouched. Who lets a perfectly delectable cobbler go to waste, you might ask? People who are already stuffed to the gills with every other conceivable form of treat and goody, that’s who and; I have my friends to thank for all that food.

Of course, as with any endeavour that I undertake, there had to be some element of tragedy and, this time, it came at the expense of one of my girlfriends’ sons, who managed a home-video show quality wipe-out on his scooter the minute he hit the driveway. He was fine. Well, an icepack, several Band-Aids and a Popsicle later, he was fine and; the evening went on well into the night.

So, really, I guess I can’t complain too much about the lack of time in my weekend considering that the time I did have was mostly quality time.

Also, my glass in half full because; that's how I roll.

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