Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Boys of Fall

The Cub’s football team lost their last game in overtime yesterday. The loss brought their record to 1 win, Too Many Losses to Record but; they had a good time, learned a lot and managed to exemplify the term gracious loser. We are quite proud.

Three of the Cub’s best friends played on the team; the four of them comprise the group that the Middle School teachers described as girl crazy although, the boys prefer the term ladies men, thank you very much.

Proving both the teachers and the boys right would be the constant shift in each boys’ Facebook status from Single to In a Relationship which, cracks me up every time I log on to see the reversal. When I asked the Cub what In a Relationship meant to the boys, we had the following conversation:

Cub: It means we have a girlfriend.

Chelle: And, what does that mean, exactly?

Cub: It means we are dating.

Chelle: Dating? How are you dating? Where do you take these girls on a date?

Cub: We don’t go anywhere, we’re just, you know, going out.

Chelle: That makes no sense, whatsoever.

Cub: Ok, we go to lunch together.

Chelle: In the cafeteria. And, you take a sack lunch. That is not a date and, if it were, it would be a terrible date.

Cub: Well, I hug her. I do, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Chelle: You schedule your hugging?

Cub: No! Those are the days that we have lunch together.

Chelle: Oh, those are the days of your imaginary dates.

Cub: They are not imaginary. They are creative. And, we don’t even have to go to lunch together to be dating, we just have to say we are. And, we are. So, there.

So, by the Cub’s logic, I could say that I am dating Taylor Kitsch, going out with Hugh Jackman, in a relationship with Ryan Reynolds and it would Be So. I hope none of our spouses or significant others mind.

As an aside, pre-teen boys are so special.


  1. Haha Michelle! That is the EXACT same conversation I had with my parents in junior high when I was "dating" Wayne Pacheco. Our "dating" consisted of sitting together at lunch once in a while, talking on the phone occassionally, and holding hands at church if we sat in his mother's pew. If we sat in my parents' pew, there was no hand-holding because my dad would have thrown a shit fit.

  2. Oh, you are so mean! My mom had the same conversation with me in 6th grade when I was "going with" a boy. She asked if we had held hands and when I said no, she looked at me quizzically and said, well, what are you doing? That is cute though.

  3. Yes, the pre-teen boys are special, and they get caught up in girls WAY TOO early these days!!! But that was absolutely hysterical!