Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Get Your Husband to See a Chick-Flick

Chelle: We need to use the free movie tickets that we won at the Policeman’s Ball before they expire this weekend.

Hugh: I’m free tonight. What do you want to see? That Paranormal movie is playing. Or, we could go to Red; I hear those are both pretty good. Or, Jackass 3D! That would be awesome.

Chelle: I don’t feel like being scared or, you know, offended by idiots. Let’s go see Life as We Know It.

Hugh: Never heard of it. Wait, is that a chick-flick?

Chelle: Nooo, it’s a romantic (mumbled under the breath) comedy.

Hugh: What kind of comedy?

Chelle: You know, a comedy, comedy. It’s supposed to be funny.

Hugh: Is Sandra Bullock in it?

Chelle: Yes. Yes, she is. And, Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts, too. In fact, I heard they have a naked pillow fight scene. In slow motion.

Hugh: Now that is a movie I would see.

Chelle: Well allrighty, then.

For the record, the movie was cute and Hugh enjoyed it despite the absence of nudity, pillow fights and Sandra Bullock.

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  1. Is that why your moniker is Ms Congeniality??