Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Used To Think They Would Outgrow This

Tonight I baked eight dozen sugar cookies, four dozen in the shape of volleyballs and the rest in the shape of footballs. The volleyballs are for The Teenager’s team  to eat as they take their last road trip of the season on Friday. The footballs are for the Man-Cub’s end-of-season team picnic on Sunday. Once upon a time I assumed the kids would grow weary of the sugar cookies but, between you and me? I’m so glad they haven’t.

On a similar note, the Man-Cub lost a tooth at school today. This of course means a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight, a visit complete with purple iridescent fairy dust and a couple of silver dollars. And, while I’m not exactly looking forward to waiting the Cub out as he falls into a deep enough sleep to allow me to reach under his pillow to retrieve the tooth, I also dread the day when I am no longer required to do so.

On the other hand, if I feed the kid enough sugar cookies, he could continue to lose teeth for years. That, my friends, is the classic definition of a diabolical plan.

Not that I’m actually considering it; the denture replacement of permanent teeth would cost a fortune.

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