Monday, May 16, 2011

And, Just Like That, Mother Nature is Back in My Good Graces

The weather this weekend was both beautiful and fully conducive to completing the outdoor chores that I had on my To Do list, finally.

On Friday, my parents arrived with my seven-year old nephew and he and the Man-Cub proceeded to run each other into exhaustion with Nerf Dart wars, a Wii game marathon and a contest to see who could fart the loudest and most frequently within a twenty-four hour period (tie).

Of course, they had to take a short break in order for the Cub to attend his baseball game Friday night. The game went well if you ignore the part where we arrived at the ballpark to find that the concession stand had been broken into and our entire inventory stolen. As an aside, there is a special place in Hell for people who steal from programs that benefit children, I mean, really.

On the bright side, once I was finished giving my statement to the police, I was able to sit in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine with my parents, where we watched the Cub make several awesome plays at second base.

Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful and my parents upheld their part of the Grandchild Spoilage Clause included in their Grandparenting contract by taking us all to Denny’s where the children were allowed to drink chocolate shakes with their pancake breakfasts.

Hugh was scheduled to work the Wine Festival being held in town during the day so, we said goodbye to him at the restaurant and hit the shopping center for some serious browsing although, not much actual purchasing of merchandise (I know, I’m shocked, too).

We were just about to head to the nursery to pick out flowers for my front porch when the weather took a slight turn for the worse, with dark clouds rolling in, thunder booming and lightning flashing, which totally killed my mood for planting window boxes so; we browsed the nursery only briefly before leaving empty-handed and heading home to relax for the remainder of the day.

Unfortunately, my parents had to take their leave of us on Sunday and, after they were gone, the Cub and I set about planting the vegetable garden, which we accomplished in record time (as an aside, having a child who is willing to carry the heavy plants, dig rows, drop seeds and stake tomato plants without complaint is such a tremendous blessing; I can hardly be blamed for spoiling him a little rotten, myself. Also, I am in training to become a Pod Person one day in the very, very, distant future).

Since the weather was being so cooperative, we hit the nursery again, this time choosing the vegetable plants that would round out the garden. I did look briefly at flowers but, with the exception of some beautiful Oriental Lilies for the flowerbeds surrounding the back porch, I didn’t buy a thing.

Instead, we made our way back home and I set about cleaning the front porch to get it ready for our first Porch Night, which I’m hoping to host as a celebration of the end of school later this month.

Unfortunately, the porch was far dirtier than I initially thought and the cleaning took a lot longer than I would have liked, in fact, I didn’t quite finish (ok, I wanted to watch Boston Rob win Survivor finally, so, sue me) and will have to complete the hosing today before I can arrange my furniture and bust out the cushions, candles, and various decorations that make the porch homey.

Then I will buy the flowers for the window boxes.

I like to stretch my chores out over a long period of time, obviously.

Ok, I’m just lazy. But, I can no longer complain about the weather and that’s A-ok with me.

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