Monday, May 09, 2011

The Weekend Finished What the Week Started

My ass, it is officially kicked.

Friday night’s Fun Night, however, ended up being a huge success (deep sigh of relief). The Teenager was a gigantic hit with the ladies, the games went better than expected and there was a lot of laughter all the way around. By the end of the evening, I was exhausted, exhilarated, had lost the majority of my voice thanks to the level of volume that I was required to keep up throughout the evening and, was ready for a trip through the Starbucks drive-through which was what I had promised The Teenager for all her help.

After a good night’s sleep, I spent Saturday helping Hugh in the yard. We completely pulled up a rather large flower bed, tried our level best to eradicate the bind-weed that has been steadily taking over the flowerbed for the past couple of years, laid down new weed barrier and a six-inch layer of wood chips. With any luck, the flowers will thrive and we won’t have the weed problem again (wishful thinking).

Once the work to the flowerbed was completed, Hugh continued yard work with some serious attention to his lawn while I cleaned the house, shopped for groceries and played the part of chauffeur, driving The Teenager and Kaz to town to attend a carnival sponsored by our local Lions Club. By the time picked the girls up later that night, I was thoroughly exhausted and ready for bed.

One thing I was not ready for was how sore I would be the next day. Seriously, Sunday morning, I felt like I had been beaten with crowbars, courtesy of the weeding, I imagine.

The aches and pains didn’t stop me from jumping right into more household chores, of course although, since it was Mother’s Day, I slacked just a bit. For instance, instead of washing the windows like I had planned to do, I spent an hour lazing about in the sunshine with The Teenager. We are both a bit pinker for our efforts despite the fact that the wind carried elm seeds at a velocity that actually caused the small seeds to sting uncomfortably when they hit our bare skin; in the name of relaxation, we persevered.

Dinner last night was lovingly prepared by someone other than myself (thank you, chefs at Chili’s) and I rounded out the weekend with an early bedtime.

So, the weekend was in keeping with the week preceding it. This week: less is more and, by less I mean; I intend to participate in as many slothful activities as possible. You know, right after I host Book Club tonight which reminds me, must prepare canapés. Yeah, this week isn’t going to be busy at all (famous last words).

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