Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Blogger, Please Don’t Eat My Post. Thank You in Advance for Your Cooperation

Blogger appears to be having some issues and yesterday’s post has inexplicably disappeared. No worries; it basically consisted of some very whiney drivel about the weather, and today is spectacularly beautiful, so, we can overlook that minor faux pas and we shall focus on the positive.

Positive #1: My parents and my youngest nephew are on their way here from Mayberry. We are going to spend the weekend together, watching the Cub play baseball, shopping for flowers (me) and spoiling the children (the Pod People).

Positive #2: I lost another pound this week, which places me fifteen pounds closer to my ultimate goal.

Positive #3: Although I have to work in the concession stand at tonight’s baseball game, I will be doing so with one of the coolest moms on the Dream Team roster and I have a super-sized bag of salt water taffy with which to sweeten the deal.

Positive #4: The weather is supposed to remain this gorgeous throughout the weekend.

Positive #5: I just got a call from one of my former Board members at Old Job; he offered me tickets to a luncheon prepared by a former Top Chef contestant and, while I have previous plans and cannot attend the luncheon, the fact that I was the first person he thought of to give the tickets to made me feel super-special. Also, he always refers to me as “Pretty Lady” which makes my head swell even if we do technically play for the same team. Which we do.

Positive #6: I bought fresh flowers at the farmer’s market today and they look stunningly beautiful on my windowsill.

Positive #7: The barista at Starbucks got my Venti iced skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte absolutely perfect today.

Positive #8: All the good summer movies are starting to be released and, with weather like this, a trip to the drive-in cannot be far off.

Positive #9: New OPI shades, ‘nuff said.

Positive #10: Blogger appears not to have eaten this post.

It’s a good day to be alive.

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  1. I totally agree with the love of the new OPI colors - have you tried the new Shattered one from the Katy Perry line. So cute.