Monday, May 23, 2011

Things I Did This Weekend Because the World Didn't End

Since Friday night's baseball game was mysteriously cancelled Hugh made the rare suggestion that we go out for dinner and a movie as a family. He specifically wanted to eat Chinese food and to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie so, we did. For the record, the food was good, the movie was meh. Also, for the record, the definition of meh is: a distinct absence of Orlando Bloom. I mean, the movie was ok it just lacked a certain something (Orlando Bloom) and I doubt that we will be adding it to our Pirates DVD collection.

Although we did not experience the Rapture on Saturday, we did finally get some sunshine and the Man-Cub and I took full advantage of it by cutting our shopping trip to Neighboring City as short as possible and racing home to start working on my flowerbeds, planters and porch. We manged to get everything finished by the end of the weekend and I am now ready to host our High School service club as it installs its new offiicers and initiates its new members on Wednesday afternoon. I'm also ready to host our first Porch Night which will probably happen later this week or early next week, assuming the sunshine continues and the thunderstorms we have been experiencing don't make a return visit.

So, it was a very busy-and productive-weekend and I'm so grateful to the Cub for sticking it out with me; his help was invaluable and I enjoyed spending time with him, especially considering the fact that he is barrelling toward adolescence and will, sooner rather than later, arrive at the conclusion that it is totally uncool to hang out with his mother at which point I will have no choice but to buy stock in a good winery and begin drinking its profits away.

Because I think it's always best to have a plan in place despite the fact that the Rapturists will no doubt choose another date for the beginning of The End like, any day now.

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  1. And aren't you glad the world didn't end before you were able to host your first porch night of the spring! :)