Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once Again, I Blame Mother Nature

 I was listening to the radio while driving home in a pouring rainstorm today and a particularly fast-beat song came on; as if on cue, my automatic windshield wipers began to slap across the windshield faster and faster as though keeping time to the music and, before I could stop myself I said "Yeah, you get down with your bad self!" as though the wipers could actually understand me. I think all this crappy-ass weather has me slightly unhinged and I hope my room in the looney bin has nice, thick padding on the walls.

 Or, better yet, I hope it has velcro walls and; I will wear a velcro suit and throw myself against the wall to see how well I stick while singing show tunes in midair, just because I can.

I'll get down with my bad self, for sure. Mwaaah,ha,ha,ha,ha....

What's that? I sound crazy? Well, you would be crazy, too, if you couldn't sit through your son's baseball game without fear of getting frostbite... in May. Or, if you couldn't sit through another game without fear of contracting sunstroke...two days later.

Mother Nature certainly has a lot to answer for, recently.

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