Friday, May 06, 2011

Dear Week, You Are Kicking My Ass

Monday-Normal workload plus a trip into town for a massage-my one activity aimed at relaxation for the week-baseball practice for the Cub, much stressing done over whether or not we would have enough volunteers from our High School service club to serve at the annual Senior Sports Banquet later that night; we did.

Tuesday-Normal workload plus woman’s club meeting and a baseball game in a nearby town.

Wednesday-Normal workload, meeting for the fundraising committee of the Community Foundation of which I am a member plus a couple of hours in the baseball concession stand, cleaning and organizing for the games next week.

Thursday-Normal workload plus a meeting of our High School service group, errands intended to help prepare me for Friday night’s Fun Night event at a local country club, baseball practice, more errands for Fun Night, dry-run of the games planned for Minute to Win It at Fun Night, craft hour aimed at bedazzling a ginormous sports bra to be used as the Good Sport Award at Fun Night and an hour or so in the kitchen, baking banana bread for Friday morning’s convention break while simultaneously trying to watch The Vampire Diaries (noooo, do not kill my evil pixie, Damon! Noooo! Ok, they probably won't because Ian Somerhalder is too hot to replace, whew! Dodged that bullet) before realizing that I lack a necessary ingredient for said banana bread, mad dash to town to purchase ingredient, followed by the decision to simply buy some damn banana bread and call it good.

Friday-Say it with me, normal workload plus errands to finish off the details of Fun Night (not sounding so fun at this point, is it?), a trip into town to drop off the banana bread I made bought for the morning break at the convention, treat The Teenager to dinner at her favorite Chinese buffet as a bribe reward for her help with Fun Night, actually attend Fun Night, where I will emcee Minute to Win It followed by either basking in the glow of a project well done or a trip to the liquor store to purchase wine with which to dull the sting of failure.

Is it any wonder that I am actually looking forward to a weekend during which Hugh and I plan to completely re-do a large flower bed, till and fertilize the garden, thatch the lawn, power wash the front porch and wash the outside of all the windows in the house?

Oh, wait….

It is a wonder.

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  1. And I thought my life had been busy at one point in my family. Sheew, I'm glad to read I'm not alone. Hey there I saw this title while I was reading "What being a mam means to me" and had to stop by. I'm glad I did you started my day with a smile and laugh- thank you. So did you have fun at the Fun night at all? or taste the banana bread? Hope your weekend is better and you find rest.