Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Doing Slapstick for Lipstick Comes Perfectly Naturally

The results are in and it appears that Fun Night was a huge success. At today’s meeting of my women’s club, The Teenager and I were lauded for a job well done and, in addition to the numerous compliments, we were given gift cards to Sephora which, while greatly appreciated , was wholly unnecessary given how much fun we actually had planning and executing the game show portion of the night.

Speaking of game shows, one of the compliments I received today was a favorable comparison between myself and Vanna White which is somewhat ironic given the fact that, when I was a graduating Senior in High School I was voted most likely to secede Vanna on Wheel of Fortune (mostly as a joke due to the fact that Ms. White has posed nude in Playboy that year, something the Super Prude in me would have never allowed).

For the record, Vanna White is like sixty-something and smokin’ hot for her age; if I age one-tenth as gracefully as she has I might just reconsider my anti-Playboy stance.

Or not but, whatever; at least I’ll have glowing skin courtesy of some fancy potions from Sephora and, I believe the lesson we have learned here is that volunteering is good for both your ego and your dermis (which is the scientific term for skin, a little something I learned while watching Jeopardy, a game show having nothing whatsoever to do with Vanna White).

The end.

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