Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In Which We Discover Additional Evidence of the Presence of Pod People Among Us

The night before last, Hugh brought home a car for The Teenager to test drive; a friend of his is selling the car and thought we might be interested and, since we have had such a hard time finding a used car that was both affordable and in decent shape, we jumped at the chance to test this one out.

The test drive took us on numerous back roads, ending at Oscar and Emily’s house, where Hugh dared The Teenager to ask her grandmother for $2500 to help defray the cost of the car, should we decide to buy it. He was joking, of course but, when The Teenager merrily bopped into her grandmother’s house, batted her lovely eyelashes and sweetly asked the woman to fork over some cash, my mother-in-law- a woman who could squeeze a penny until Abraham Lincoln cried copper tears-totally told her that she was sure they could work something out.

Hugh and I both immediately nixed that idea, it was a joke after all and, we have the money set aside for the car already but, people? She was totally prepared to lay the cash down for that child. With a smile on her face.

A smile!

I’m not sure what the alien’s eventual plan for world domination might entail but I’m guessing it includes an army of grandchildren ready to do battle for the people who have spoiled them rotten which, is actually pretty ingenious when one thinks about it.

Pretty ingenious, indeed.

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