Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boys Are Weird, Chapter One

Man-Cub: Hey, Mom, wanna hear a joke?

Chelle: Um, sure.

Man-Cub: Ok, so there's a pickle, a cucumber and a, you know, wiener, k?

Chelle: Oh, this can't end well.

Man-Cub: Just listen!

Chelle: Okaayy...

Man-Cub: So, the pickle says, "I have it so rough, when I get big and juicy, they drown me in a jar of vinegar" and the cucumber says, "Yeah, that's nothing, when I get big and juicy, they slice me up and throw me in a salad." And then, the, you know, wiener, says "So what? When I get big and juicy, they throw a bag over my head and beat me until I puke!". Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Get it?

Chelle: Yes, son, I get it. Do you get it?

Man-Cub: Mom. I'm twelve.

Long conversation including the word condom and a bonus description of what an STD can do to, you know, a wiener, followed.

Hey, I told him it wouldn't end well.

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  1. Ok, great joke made even funnier by the fact it allll had to be explained to him. LOL!
    Boys.... ; )