Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer, Summer, Where For Art Thou, Summer?

This past weekend, The Teenager and I were lounging in lawn chairs on the back deck, tanning ourselves and enjoying a light breeze (in between gusts of wind that sent elm seeds hurling into our tender flesh).

Yesterday, it snowed all around us.

Yes, in May.

I suppose we got lucky, we did dodge the snowfall but; the skies poured buckets of cold rain instead and, the general dreariness of the day was enough to remind one of the darkest days of winter even without a blanket of snow.

Today, ominous dark clouds hover menacingly over the town, heavy with the threat of rain (or snow) and I am just so. Tired. Of. Crappy. Weather.

I’m ready to plant my garden but the soil is too wet to work.

I had planned to buy the flowers for my front porch planters this weekend but, now I’m afraid that the weather would just kill them and that I would be wasting money, time and the limited amount of sanity that I have left.

And, I know that I don’t have it so bad; I watch the news and my heart breaks for the people in the South, people who are losing everything they have to raging floodwaters so, obviously, my piddly little gardening issues pale in comparison.


I’m really ready for some sunshine.

And, heat.

And, fresh fruit and vegetables.

So, waddya say, Mother Nature? Help a girl out?

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