Friday, June 15, 2012

Baseball or Cats?

These seem to be the only topics that I have to write about, lately. Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report on the cat, and, the Man-Cub's team lost their game this evening, so; nothing too exciting, here.

Although, the Cub did get to pitch and, that's new. He did ok, too. He didn't like it, but he did it.

He didn't like it because; the pitching mound is 90' from home plate this year, as opposed to 70', last year, and; there is a huge difference in 20' (yeah, like, 20', duh). Thankfully, the coach pulled him after one inning and he was able to go back to second base, where he is happiest.

For my, part; I was in the concession stand, stirring neon-orange "cheese" and trying to keep the cooler stocked with purple Gatorade. As an aside; kids love purple Gatorade. Also; the concession stand is not my favorite place.

In other sports-related news; The Teenager is currently at volleyball camp in Neighboring City. I dropped her off yesterday and haven't heard a peep out of her; I can only assume this means that she is doing well.  We will collect her again on Sunday, just in time for Father's Day.

And, this brings to a close the most boring post I have ever written. Watching paint dry would have been more scintillating.

Le sigh.

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