Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Which the Man-Cub Discovers the Pits

Friday night, the Man-Cub opted not to go boating with us. If you know the Cub, you are wondering what in the world could have kept him from the lake, and, I'll tell you; he had a tummy ache.

A tummy ache caused by eating his weight in cherries while cherry-picking with Jana and the rest of the kids earlier in the day.

Now, my momma always told me that I would get a tummy ache if I ate too many cherries; I just never found the magical number that would push me over the edge from pleasantly stuffed to over-full. The Man-Cub can now say that he found that limit, tripped right over it, and, lived to tell the tale.

We missed him on the boat, of course, but; his run-in with the runs has diminished his desire to eat more cherries, which, means more for the rest of us, and, that's ok by me.

Also, I totally owe my momma an apology for doubting her warning, so; sorry, Mom!

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