Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NOT a List of Pet Peeves

As you may know; I am a mostly-optomistic person. I tend to focus on the positive, to work through the negative, and, to give my energy to the things that bring me joy and comfort. That said; since I wrote a post focused on the things that irritate the hell out of me a while back, today I am going to list a few things that just warm the cockles of my heart.

Before I do that, though; what, exactly, is a cockle? It sounds...pervy. And, decidedly male. I'm just sayin'.

Annyywaayy... on to the non-pet peeves, now.

- Customer Service people who actually provide service, with a smile. Say what you will about Chik-fil-A's Christian ethics, but; I challenge you to find another establishment that employs such genuinely polite and pleasant servers. Seriously.

- Good Deeders. This includes the kids who open doors for other people, the man who gives up his seat on the bus for an older person, the woman who reaches for an object on the highest grocery shelf for the person who can't reach it, himself, etc. I always feel a refreshed sense of hope for our world when I witness the act of a Good Deeder.

- The first cup of coffee of the day; especially when I can enjoy it on the front porch.

-Tradition. This includes holiday events that take place each year, my annual trip to Mayberry for Stampede, pictures taken in the front yard on the first day of each new school year, planting the garden each spring, decorating the house as each season blends into the next, and, knowing that, whenever I go home; I will still feel like I belong there.

- Spending time with my family, both my nuclear unit and our extended group of grandparents, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, cousins, and siblings. Family is of utmost importance.

- Friends. I could write a book about the importance of friendships in my life and it still wouldn't be enough to fully convey how much I value those relationships. Not by a mile.

- Ginger kitties. I can't imagine having a home that lacks the presence of an orange tabby cat; I just can't.

- The word serendipity, and, the fact that the Man-Cub cannot say it without smiling. He just can't. It's sort of awesome.

- Positive people. In much the same way that negativity attracts negativity, I find that positive people are naturally drawn to other positive people, and; that positivity creates- and nurtures- positivity between those people. Think of it like a battery charger.

- Good books, trash television, fine wine, dark chocolate, fresh-baked bread, musicals, sunshine, and the smell of sheets dried in an open breeze.

I feel better just writing this list.

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