Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi, Monday. Yes, I still Hate You

We had a lazy weekend here at Casa de Chelle. Well, after Friday night's marathon baseball game, that is, and on that topic; three hours for a youth league baseball game, really? I can only hope that tonight's game is at least an hour shorter, given that it is taking place an hour's drive away and we all know how I feel about driving in the dark. Actually, this drive will be even worse, given the high number of deer that cross this particular stretch of the local highway, the curves and turns of the canyon we are forced to traverse, and, the fact that I am going it alone as Hugh will be attending to his cadets at a night shoot.


But, back to the weekend.

I spent the best part of Saturday cleaning house, weeding the garden, and, refereeing "games" between the cats; games that look eerily similar to cat fights, but, who am I to judge? And, while I can think of far more entertaining ways to spend a summer Saturday; it's really nice to have a clean house, and, the radishes and lettuce from the garden were a nice addition to our dinner salad.

The cat fights "play dates" between the cats, I could have done without, thank you very much.

Sunday was almost lazier than Saturday. We celebrated Father's Day by going to see Snow White and the Huntsman which ended up being fairly entertaining, with a solid thumbs-up from three-out-of-four of my family members (The Teenager expressed her opinion that the movie was "boring". I think her assessment had less to do with the movie and more to do with the fact that she was exhausted from three days of volleyball camp, so; I'm willing to forgive her).

Today, we are back to the grind and beginning a week that looks to be quite busy on paper. According to my schedule, we have three baseball games (including tonight's trek through the Canyon of Doom), two meetings of my woman's club, the usual work-related stuff, and, Hugh wants to try to have the boat ready to take to the lake this weekend.

It's going to be hectic, is what I'm thinking.

On the other hand, if I have a weekend on the lake to look forward to; I can probably get through anything. Even the drive through the Canyon of Doom.

I hope.

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