Monday, June 11, 2012

Girls' Weekend 2012

I don't even know where to begin; how do I capture the magic of this weekend? How do I adequately describe the freedom associated with spending forty-eight hours with people who know me inside and out? How to explain the rare gift of being with people who share so much of my history and with whom I want to share the remainder of my life? I mean, that sounds (not that there is anything wrong with that), and, also; not completely accurate.

Of course I want these women in my life for the duration, I mean, how could I not? How many friends do you have who will-upon discovering a stranger's giant pair of panties in the bed you just shared-tease you without mercy simply because the undies were on your side and you weigh like a buck-o-five so; they couldn't possibly be yours? Not very many, I'm guessing.

And, how many friends do you have who-upon being teased with a stranger's giant pair of panties (that she just unwittingly slept with)-will joke right back, even going so far as to agree to wear the panties as a romper, providing someone sew on a pair of straps; preferably sequined? I bet that list is even shorter than the first list.

How many friends do you have that will nod their heads in sympathy when incontinence threatens to strike during bouts of belly laughter? Ok, probably more than a few, but; how many of them will still insist on making you laugh until you almost pee your pants just because laughter is awesome and, eh; what's a little pee between friends?

Hopefully, you have at least a couple. And, maybe some adult diapers.( I'm just sayin').

How many friends do you have who can-in the space of an hour-long walk-manage to provide better therapy than you might get from a professional? And, how many of them can do it while swigging strawberry margaritas and laughing like a pack of wild hyennas while trying, desperately, not to pee?

God, I hope you have a ton, because; therapy is expensive, alcohol is cheap and friends like that are priceless.

I know.

I know because, I got to spend forty-eight hours with four of the best friends that I will ever have and, today, almost twenty-four hours after I said my last goodbye; I still feel lightened by their presence.

It's like the best kind of hangover, imaginable and; I can't wait to do it again. And, again. And, again. And, again. Because, if loving them is wrong; then I don't want to be right. Well, you know what I mean. At least, I hope you do.

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