Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enjoying Some Downtime

Last night, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the Porch Ladies, although, since April is bi-polar and can't decide between spring-like weather and temperatures better suited to the arctic tundra; we enjoyed one another's company in the comfort of my friend's living room instead of on the porch. And, that was ok, because; I got to relax and enjoy a party that I didn't have to plan.

Speaking of planning, details for the Man-Cub's continuation ceremony and dance are well in hand, especially considering that four members of the planning committee were in attendance at last night's party, and, we tend to do our best work while under the influence of wine.

The planning has continued on the home front, as well: the Man-Cub requested-and was granted-a new shirt, vest and tie for the occasion. The reason he wanted the clothing was so that he would match his date.

Yes, his date.

The reason I wanted to buy him the clothing was because he had outgrown every other item of dress-clothing that he owned, and, despite my fervent desire to keep him my baby forever; I just couldn't allow him to attend the dance in sleeves that hit just below his elbows.

I don't think his date would have approved, either.

Anyway, he is now the proud owner of a pair of black dress pants, a lavender dress shirt, a black vest and a dark purple tie. He's going to look styling' and will most definitely match his date, who is wearing a lavender-hued dress.

And, knowing her father, a chastity belt.

Not that she would need it.

I'm just saying.

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