Sunday, April 07, 2013

Finishing Strong

Spring Break has been salvaged!

The Man-Cub got to tool about the foothills on a dirt bike for two days without his mother hovering about like a worry wort, spoiling his fun.

The Teenager got to go on an overnight camping trip with a group of friends without her father hovering about like a prison guard.

Hugh and I got the house to ourselves for a while.

Rainbows! Unicorns! Everybody's happy!

Also, The Teenager and I took a shopping trip to Neighboring City where we had a blast despite failing to make any real purchases, save for the items that we will be using for props at the photo booth we are planning for prom.

The real enjoyment of the day came from spending time with my daughter, listening to her stories and revelling in the simple things that bring her so much joy; things like her absolute delight at discovering that the mp3 player transmitter that we got for the car included a remote capable of controlling her iPod. Oh, my gawd! The technology! It was killing her!

Today, the children are exhausted from their social outings and the prospect of returning to school tomorrow is weighing heavy on their  minds.

I would feel the same way about the end of the break, you know, had I not been working the entire week.

Rainbows! Unicorns!

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