Tuesday, April 09, 2013

In Which I Am Grateful to be Old

The Teenager is having a crisis involving Prom plans.

She had been planning to attend her prom with a large group of friends who were all going stag. We had arranged for everyone to meet at our house for pictures, including a stab at the photo booth concept, prior to the kids going to the dance. The Teenager has been pretty excited about the plan and was looking forward to the evening.

Flash forward to the last week or so; a new boy has entered the picture and hints are being dropped about him inviting The Teenager to his prom, which, is at another school and, which happens the same night as the Petticoat Junction prom.

The Teenager is torn.

She wants to be with her friends but she also wants to hang out with the new boy.

She wants her photo booth but she also wants to hang out with the new boy.

She doesn't want to hurt her friends' feelings or to let them down, especially since their plans have already been made.

She doesn't want to hurt the new boy's feelings or jeopardize an opportunity to get to know him better.

It's a classic teenage conundrum.

I suggested that she take today to really think about what she wants. I then suggested that she do one of two things, based on her figuring out what, exactly, she does want:
  1. Tell the new boy that she has already made plans and that her father and I are holding her to them. After all, prom is a week and a half away, it is a bit late notice to invite someone to go, now.
  2. Explain to her friends that she wants to go to the Hooterville prom with the new boy, but, that she still plans to have the photo booth at our house before prom for anyone who wants to meet here before the dance for pictures and to hang out, as originally planned.
I have no idea which way she will swing and my heart goes out to her in her dilemma. She really doesn't want to hurt any feelings and knows that the decision could cause that to happen, either way.

It sucks to be young and beautiful and in demand.

Almost as much as it sucks to think that I spent so much time and money planning a pre-prom event that might not happen.

Not that this is about me.

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. My vote doesn't count, but I like option 1, except that she shouldn't make you & Hugh the heavies. Her decision, period.

    And? Don't look at the weather forecast. Holy CRAP!