Thursday, April 04, 2013

Lamest Spring Break, EVAH

Or, so my children would have you think. And, while I can't argue that we are having just as much fun here at home as we would be having in some tropical location, I can argue that we are better off than people in a lot of other places.

Like, prison.

Count your blessings, children!

So, how have we spent our Spring Break so far?

Well, The Teenager got to stand on her feet for seven hours while making 400 pizzas.

And, the Man-Cub got to pick up twice the amount of dog poop in the yard, since we have been dog-sitting Oscar and Emily's baby while they've been a warm-although not tropical-location.

And, when I look at it like that, I almost risk losing the argument that I mentioned, previously.

This really is the lamest Spring Break, ever.

Cue the violins, please.

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