Friday, April 19, 2013

When Is a Friday Not a Friday?

When you are staring down a long line of chores that have to be accomplished before Saturday, that's when.

Ordinarily, I would be working half a day with ample time to accomplish all of the items on my To Do list, but, the universe being the smart ass that we all know it to be; today I am scheduled to attend a full day conference in Neighboring City.

Tomorrow is prom. I am hosting six kids for a fancy sit-down dinner as well as chauffeuring The Teenager to her hair appointment and to the florist to pick up her date's boutonniere. The Teenager would drive herself on those errands, but, we need to drop her off at her date's house so that his parent's can take pictures of them before they head back to our house for the dinner; dinner which I still need to shop for, to prep for, and, ultimately, to prepare.

I also still need to prepare the props for the photo booth, and, I need to clean off the front porch in order to set up the actual booth. I'm not even going to mention the housework that needs to happen inside before I can even begin to fathom inviting people in, but, I'm sure you can use your imagination.

I'm going to be busy, is my point.

Working only half a day would have been quite helpful, is my other point.

I'm feeling very pointy today.

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