Tuesday, April 02, 2013

We Return to the Program, Already in Progress

So, Easter happened. Chocolate was consumed, as were margarita slushes. What? Your Easter doesn't feature margarita slushes? Huh. You are seriously depriving yourselves, my friends.

Speaking of my friends, Chris, Jana and the kids joined us for Easter dinner (and, for margarita slushes), where, in a feat previously believed impossible; Jana managed to blow a hard boiled egg out of the shell through a teensy-tiny hole in one end of the egg by blowing through an equally teensy-tiny hole in the other end of the egg, leaving behind an intact eggshell and a perfectly intact boiled egg.

It. Was. Ah-mazing.

Not quite as ah-mazing as drinking margarita slushes on the front porch in spring-like weather, but, close.

Also ah-mazing: dinner. More precisely, the glazed ham that I made for dinner. Seriously, best ham I have ever made and I credit the glaze. I would tell you my secret for it, but, then I would have to kill you. Ok, not really; the secret is to slowly reduce a combination of brown sugar, vinegar, Dijon mustard and Dr. Pepper to a thick glaze on the stove top before basting the ham.

Say it with me: Ah-mazing.

In between eating delicious ham, drinking margarita slushes, and watching Jana accomplish the impossible; Jana and I crafted our summer Family Fun bucket list. The list includes:
  • The star gazing party that we never quite got around to throwing last summer.
  • Movie night on the porch.
  • Margarita slushes on the boat, Redneck Yacht Club-style.
  • The annual end-of-school-year slip-n-slide party.
  • Glow-in-the-dark bubbles.
  • Homemade ice cream on the front porch.
  • Porch Nights. Many, many Porch Nights.
I'm sure we will add to the list as summer approaches, but, that's enough to start with for now. And, speaking of now; I have chocolate to eat.

You're shocked, I know.

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