Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Road Trip

The Man-Cub and I are heading out of town for the last basketball tournament of the AAU season. We are making the trip, just the two of us, because Hugh has a cabinet installation to do and because The Teenager will be attending prom in Pixler.

Her Pixler prom date is the son of a friend of mine and The Teenager is a next-to-the-last-minute replacement date for the girl who broke his heart. I'm glad she's going and I know they will have a good time; I'm just sorry I have to miss it.

My friend, it should be noted, will take tons of pictures, so; it's not like I won't see what they look like, but I'll still miss being there.

While I'm missing being there, however, I also plan to enjoy my solo time with my son; we don't get enough time together and I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted. And, to watching him turn bright pink and visibly sink into the car door when I question him about his date for continuation.

That's what I call "quality parenting".

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