Friday, May 30, 2014

See? Shorter Weeks Actually Last Longer

Or, they feel like they last longer. Seriously, this week, though one day short, dragged on and on and on and on. But! Today is finally Friday and I can make my plans for a relaxing weekend...

...not so fast, says Life.

According to Life, my weekend is going to consist of a double-header baseball game, at which I will be required to run the concession stand as well as hunting down each parent of our players to beg them to sign up for concession stand duty at some point this season. Fun times! I love organizing volunteers, it's the best!

(Please avoid the puddle of sarcasm that just pooled at my feet)

In addition to the baseball games, I have statements to run and month-end chores to do at the hardware store, because, in case you were unaware; May ends on Saturday. That's right; the month that I spent eyeing suspiciously on the calendar for the majority of this year has come and gone with the speed of a bullet. Part of me is relieved and part of me is pained at the thought that, if May can wiz by in such a speedy manner, then how lackadaisically can we expect June, July, and August to move? Not very, is my fear.

Speaking of June, I am planning to fly to Phoenix next weekend to spend a few days with The Girls. I am, as you may expect, ridiculously excited about the trip. We will be staying at a spa and attending a wine and beer festival in addition to all of our usual girl-bonding activities and conversations. It's been a long time in coming-having us all together again-and I am looking forward to it.

(VAST understatement)

But, back to my weekend plans...where was I? Baseball, check. Concession stand, check. Harassing parents to contribute to the running of the only fundraiser the baseball program technically has, check. Hardware store chores, check.

What else? Well, the garden is in need of weeding, because I'm 99% certain that 99% of the greenery that I can see from my bedroom window is not of the edible variety. And, if by some miracle we have a few hours during which we aren't fulfilling obligations, I would like to take the boat out for its annual "Let's see what the hell went wrong with the boat while it was in storage this winter" launch; mostly so we can address any issues that arise prior to actually taking it out for some fun later in June. And, I would also like to catch a movie, if we have time. Hugh and I went to see the new X-Men movie last weekend while we were in Pueblo and it was pretty good, but, there are a number of movies out right now that I would also like to see.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that the weekend will not be long enough to accommodate everything that I want/need to accomplish, so; I would like to formally request an other four-day weekend in which to play catch-up.



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