Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mother's Work is Never Done

I really ramped up my efforts this weekend, and, as a result, accomplished most of the chores on my To Do list.

Friday evening, I spent the majority of my time working on the photo collage that I plan to use on the cake table at The Teenager's pre-grad party. I am now feeling 95% more ready for that party; the remaining 5% will be accomplished when my mother arrives from Mayberry to help with all of the food prep.

Saturday, I spent the entire day getting my vegetable garden planted, including pepper, cucumber, and squash plants that I have since had to cover with insulated buckets for fear of losing them to the freakish winter weather that Mother Nature decided to throw at Colorado on Sunday (Note to Mother Nature: I didn't cuss you for this, I smiled and rolled with it. Please, please, please grace us with decent weather for graduation on Sunday. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.).

I also planted my flower boxes for the front porch, and, am crossing my fingers that they will do all right with the cooler temperatures.

Yesterday, I rounded out my shopping by picking up the paper products and plastic utensils that we will use at Saturday's party as well as baking four dozen red velvet cupcakes for the luncheon that I am planning for after the graduation ceremony on Sunday.

It was a busy Mother's Day for me. Which is par for the course for most mothers, I think.

Today, I am loading up the car with the beverages, decorations, party supplies, etc. that we will be using at the sober grad party later this evening. I am in charge of decorating and am looking forward to re-using the majority of the decorations that we used for the Man-Cub's continuation party last spring.

Which, reminds me; I have another child. Yes, the Man-Cub has sadly taken a back seat to his sister during this crazy time, but, he does still exist! In fact, he is keeping us busy with his baseball schedule since he changed his mind about playing summer ball and has joined the team. He is being groomed as pitcher, which is both awesome and nerve-wracking, depending on the day. and, by awesome and nerve-wracking, I mean his feelings on the topic, not my own; I mostly just dread Saturday double-headers and am hoping that this summer's schedule is a lot less full of them than last summer's.

Because, let's be honest; by the time summer finally rolls around, I am going to need some quality lake time, not quality concession stand time. There is no such thing as quality concession stand time.

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